Loan Management and Information Software

AcuLoan calculates interest on daily balance using fixed or linked interest rates, and capitalized monthly. Use Acumatica CRM to process the loan application, collate documentation and quote the customer. Standard functions and reporting include Settlements, Loan Restructures, Write-offs, Payment & Debit Order Processing, Age Analysis, Collections and Interest Rate Changes. AcuLoan may be used for Debtor and Creditor Loans in combination.


Utilises the power of Acumatica CRM to acquire, assess, quote and approve a loan application.

A loan prospect is registered and routed through a defined workflow to ensure that all the relevant documentation is provided, reviewed, and filed for future access in the document management system.  Identification, affordability assessments, collateral and other information regarding the loan application may be stored.

A loan pipeline dashboard will display the applications in stages of acquisition and provide a monitoring and management tool.  Audit trails of applications and approvals are maintained for future ease of reference.


Will record the loan details and transactions such as interest, advances and repayments.

The loan record will contain all the relevant information gathered during the origination process and will additionally record all activities relating to the loan.  Notes, tasks, alerts, and other information is stored centrally to enable a complete record of the interaction with the borrower to be recorded and shared.

Interest is calculated on daily balance and capitalised monthly, while early settlements, restructures, interest rate changes and other transactions defined processes.  Statements, amortization schedules and a dynamic Age Analysis complete the picture.

AcuLoan will take away much of the effort required, improve the accuracy and auditability of loan management to ensure that your loan book is easily, accurately, and efficiently managed.

Payments & Collections

Payments are auto allocated thereby ensuring minimum effort in managing the loans.

Loans may be collected – or paid in the case of Creditor Loans – through a debit orders collections routine that creates a debit order proposal and a file for transmission to the banking system.

The loan Age Analysis is dynamic and is based on the collection day thus identifying those loans falling into arrears and allowing immediate follow-up action.  The AcuLoan dashboard will not only provide management information regarding the total loan book and interest earnings but will also provide information on the quality of the book and a call to action with loans in arrears.

Key Features

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AcuLoan is suitable for many types of loans

At the heart of the module is the interest methodology which calculates interest on a daily balance –  Nominal Annual, Compounded Monthly – NACM.  Loans may be term loans with or without a residual or an open loan with no set repayment structure.

Use AcuLoan to correctly allocate the Principal and Interest components when posting to the General Ledger. Typical loan types include:

  • Installment loans
  • Fixed Term loans
  • Short-term loans
  • Staff loans
  • Student loans
  • Housing / Vehicle loans
  • Trust Accounts
  • Debtor and / or Creditor Loans

The power of Acumatica CRM and built-in workflows

The Loan Origination uses the power of Acumatica CRM and in-built workflows to manage applications loans in a pipeline through the acquisition, documentation, assessment and ultimate approval of the loan.

  • Record client details, contact numbers, address etc.
  • Collate and store documentation such as:
    • Identification / Passport
    • Payslip
    • Affordability Assessment
    • Collateral information / registration documentation
  • Create a quote with assessed interest rate
  • Create a contract for approval
  • Workflow the approval
  • Create the Customer and the Loan in AcuLoan

Powerful set of tools to manage loans either individually or grouped

AcuLoan provides a powerful set of tools to manage loans either individually, or grouped in defined and regular processes. Processes may be schedules where applicable thereby automating the repetitive tasks.

  • Interest Rate
    • Interest calculated on daily balance.
    • Fixed or Linked rates
    • NACM – Nominal Annual, Compounded Monthly
    • Scalar Rates (based on amount)
    • Changes to linked rate loans when the base rate moves.
  • Documentation – store all the documentation relating to the loan, asset and borrower on the loan record.
  • Contact Management – all interactions with the borrower may be recorded on the loan activities, providing central storage and access to current and previous loan conversations and correspondence.
  • Settlements
  • Service Fees – on initiation and monthly
  • Write-offs
  • Restructures – Change term, interest rate or additional advance. Recalculate amortization schedule.
  • Alerts and Business events configurable using the Acumatica Cloud ERP toolset.

Live and in real-time

  • Statement
  • Settlement Quote
  • Loan Amortization Schedule
  • Age Analysis – Dynamic Age Analysis based on Payment Day. Live and in real-time.

Debit Orders

  • Generate Debit Order Collection Batch (debtor) or Payment Batch (creditor)
  • Download payment file for bank.

Cash Receipt

  • Direct payment into Bank account
  • Automate posting via Acumatica Cash Book
  • Allocate to single or multiple loans.


  • Loans under Management
  • Overdue / delinquent loans lists.
  • Age Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I post a transaction to any previous period in AcuLoan?

AcuLoan functions like a banking system and once a period is reconciled and closed, no further postings are permitted.  A single transaction can be posted together with an interest rate adjustment in the current period.

What will happen if I run the Interest Capitalization in error?

Like all Acumatica processes, the Interest Capitalization will generate a list that can be reviewed and released by a user with the necessary rights. In the event that it is released in error, it can be reversed provided that the loan period has not been closed.

What if I have loans that are carry interest on the principal amount with exam fees that do not attract interest ?

AcuLoan can accommodate both interest-bearing and non-interest-bearing parts of a single loan. In the rules, you decide to which portion payments are applied to first.

Can I use Case Management in CRM to route and collect overdue loans?

Yes, loans lists can be on defined based on aging rules and used to create a CRM Case. This is not standard functionality but is relatively straight-forward to accomplish using the Acumatica tool set.

If I am looking for a particular document, is there an easy way to find it?

AcuLoan uses Acumatica’s document management capabilities and every document is searchable through the Universal Search function in Acumatica. This makes finding a particular document as easy as simply entering the name or a part of the name in the Universal Search and all the results will be returned in the “files” section. These can be further refined as required.